Health Workers and Health Care Quality in Developing Countries

Health Affairs releases six developing country studies on quality of care in its March 27 issue. Jishnu Das and Paul Gertler, in its overview piece, argues that it is now necessary to look beyond health care access into health service quality. The journal presents quality of health care in five developing countries: India, Indonesia, Mexico, Paraguay, and Tanzania. Two papers are specifically addressing the issue of health workers. The list of articles in this issue of Health Affairs is provided below.
  • Variations In Practice Quality In Five Low-Income Countries: A Conceptual Overview
  • Variations In Prenatal Care Quality For The Rural Poor In Mexico
  • Variations In Doctor Effort: Evidence From Paraguay
  • Location, Location, Location: Residence, Wealth, And The Quality Of Medical Care In Delhi, India
  • Differences In Access To High‑ Quality Outpatient Care In Indonesia
  • The Contribution Of Human Resources For Health To The Quality Of Care In Indonesia
  • Variations In The Quality Of Care Accessible To Rural Communities In Tanzania

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