Managed migration of nurses to Europe in experiment in 4 African countries

From African Press Agency
European countries set up nurse migration programme for COMESA

Port Louis (Mauritius) Mauritius is amongst four African countries chosen for a 'Temporary Nurse Migration Programme' (TNMP) which entails sending each year a group of forty qualified male and female nurses to work in four European countries for a determined set of time, a release of the Health ministry said Saturday in Port Louis.

The Commonwealth Secretariat and the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) jointly organised the programme within the framework of the General agreement on Trade in Services (GATS).

The four recruiting European countries, namely Britain, Ireland, Finland and the Netherlands, set up the 'Temporary Nurse Migration Programme .

The release writes that Mauritius, Uganda, Kenya and Malawi are the four COMESA countries chosen.

The TNMP will also give an opportunity to such nurses to get acquainted with new developments in the nursing sector in Europe, the release said.

The European countries have also proposed a financial and technical help to each of the COMESA countries to develop a strategy for the training of nurses.

The Health ministry is now in consultation with the Nursing Association to study the viability of the project.



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Dentist Hanford said…
This is a great opportunity for countries experiencing unemployment rate in Africa. This in turn, would help develop nurses to acquire new techniques in health care.
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