Strengthen HRH system is necessary for the male circumcision services program

WHO and UNAIDS announced yesterday their recommendations on male circumcision for HIV prevention. These recommendations are based on expert consultation and recent study results that show significant reduction in HIV transmission among heterosexual male.

In their recommendations, health systems strengthening and health workforce development are considered crucial for the success of male circumcision services as they should be integrated into routine service delivery.

The full announcement is available here. Excerpt on HSS and HRH related parts shown below:

"Health services need strengthening to provide quality services safely Health services in many developing countries are weak and there is a shortage of skilled health professionals. There is a need, therefore, to ensure that male circumcision services for HIV prevention do not unduly disrupt other health care programmes, including other HIV/AIDS interventions. In order to both maximize the opportunity afforded by male circumcision and ensure longer-term sustainability of services, male circumcision should, wherever possible, be integrated with other services."